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In 1903, the fast growing sport of Aussie Rules came to Port Lincoln. After the crops had been sown the first match was held in May 1903. The match was between the ‘Lincolnites’ who lived in the Port Lincoln township, and the ‘Waybacks’ whose players were drawn from the outlying western and northern areas, or in other words ‘way back over there’.

Being one of the first football clubs in Port Lincoln and on the Eyre Peninsula, we at Waybacks are very proud of our long and successful history. It includes more than 30 League premierships and numerous reserves and junior premierships. It’s a tradition of success and values such as sportsmanship, discipline, respect, loyalty and mateship that we hold dear to our hearts.

Together with our substantial loyal and hardworking member and supporter base we believe the Wayback Football and Sporting Club will enjoy many more successes in the years to come.

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Port Lincoln is a city on the lower Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. It is situated on the shore of Boston Bay, which opens eastward into Spencer Gulf. It is the largest city in the West Coast region, and is located approximately 280 km from Adelaide. The city is reputed to have the most millionaires per capita in Australia. The town claims to be the “Seafood Capital of Australia”. British naval explorer Matthew Flinders discovered Boston Bay on in 1802. He named the body of water, Port Lincoln, in honour of his place of birth, Lincoln. As a result Port Lincoln is twinned with Lincoln in the UK.

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