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As the Northern Territory Football Association began in 1982, a few blokes decided that the PINT Club could enter a team in the new football competition. The instigators of this decision were Jeff Watkins, Marty Barlow, Iain Frazier, Paul Abbott, Ted Cocker and Bob White. From there on the PINT Football Club has never looked back.

PINT originally played in green jumpers with gold vertical stripes but in recent years have adopted green jumpers with a white and gold V. It is reported that PINT were known as the PINT Panthers between 1982 and 1997 however some say that only the media dubbed the PINT Football Club ‘the Panthers’. Nonetheless since 1997, PINT has been known as the Greenants. PINT are often referred to as ‘Pints’ or ‘PINTS’ however PINT is the correct name.

Having started out as a social club team formed on the back of a couple of cold beers the membership has diversified greatly over the years. Today we boast citizens from all walks of life such as defence force personnel, engineers, students, public servants, Police Fire and Emergency Services, small business operators, teachers and those currently between jobs among others.

The club culture is inclusive with anybody welcome to join and the club continues to treat its people as its number one priority.

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Marrara Cricket Ground, Abala Road, Marrara