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The Darwin Buffaloes Football Club competes in the NTFL and we offer opportunities for girls, boys, women and men to be involved in community events through Aussie Rules. Our strategy is to engage families and children to actively participate in ‘their Club’. The juniors learn to play as a team, develop new skills and strive for success.

Palmerston is one of the fastest growing cities in Australia and our strategic decision to transition our base from Darwin to Palmerston allows us to establish new teams and football programs.

The club has produced AFL players including Matthew Whelan, Andrew McLeod, Matthew Ahmat, Robert Ahmat and Cameron Stokes.

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Home Ground
TIO Stadium, Abala Road, Marrara

Marrara is a northern suburb of Darwin. Shown on Goyder’s original surveys of Darwin in 1869 was the swamp between the suburb and the Darwin International Airport, but like Leanyer, the name is believed to be derived from an Aboriginal name for the area.

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