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The Broome Bulls play in the West Kimberley Football League (WKFL). Originally formed in 1949 as the Meatworks Football Club, the team changed its name to the Broome Bulls Football Club in 1995 after the Meatworks closed its doors in 1994.

In the early days of the Meatworks the team was made up predominately from workers at the local meatworks site, local tradesmen and workers. Even after they changed to the Bulls they still maintained their “workers” tradition, with most of the team made up of tradies, apprentices labourers and service workers.

Broome Bulls

Broome Bulls

Home Ground
Peter Haynes Oval, Frederick Street, Broome

Broome is a coastal, pearling and tourist town in the Kimberley region of WA, located 2,240 km north of Perth. It is often mistakenly thought that the first European to visit Broome was William Dampier in 1688, but he only visited the north of what was later named the Dampier Peninsula. In 1699 he explored the coast from Shark Bay to La Grange Bay, from where he headed north leaving the Australian coast. Many of the coastal features of the area were later named for him. In 1879 Charles Harper suggested that the pearling industry could be served by a port closer to the pearling grounds and that Roebuck Bay would be suitable. In 1883 John Forrest chose the site for the town, and it was named after Sir Frederick Broome, the Governor of WA from 1883 to 1889.

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