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The Ravensthorpe Tigers compete in the Ravensthorpe & Districts Football Association.

The Ravensthorpe and West River-based Tigers won their 19th senior grade Ravensthorpe and Districts Football Association premiership in 2016 thanks to a resounding 20.16 (136) to 3.5 (23) grand final defeat of Southerners. They again reached the grand final in 2016 but went down to Southerners by 5 straight kicks.

Their 20th flag arrived in 2017 although it was something of a hollow victory as the league was contested by just two clubs, Tigers and Southerners. After a five round home and away series the two sides played off in a grand final for which they had automatically qualified and which the Tigers won by 36 points, 12.14 (86) to 8.2 (50).

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Ravensthorpe Oval, Hopetoun Ravensthorpe Road, Ravensthorpe

Ravensthorpe is a town located 541 km southeast of Perth, 40 km inland from the south coast of WA. In 1848, the area was surveyed by Surveyor General John Septimus Roe who named many of the geographical features nearby, including the nearby Ravensthorpe Range that the town is named after.

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