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The Mingenew Bulldogs compete in the North Midlands Football League.

In 1964 Mingenew claimed the inaugural premiership of the North Midlands Football League, which had been established at the close of the previous season through the amalgamation of the North Midlands Football Association and the Perenjori Morowa Football League. The majority of the club’s success has come in recent years.

Mingenew Bulldogs

Mingenew Bulldogs

Home Ground
Mingenew Recreation Centre & Sports Ground, Sportsground Road, Mingenew

Mingenew is a town in WA, located 383 km north of Perth. It was named after Mingenew Spring, an Aboriginal word recorded by European settlers in 1856, possibly deriving from either the words Minganu “the place of many ants” or Mininoo “the place of many waters”. Mingenew is known as ‘The Grain Centre’ and the Mingenew grain facility is recognised as the largest inland grower fed receival site facility in the Southern Hemisphere, with a holding capacity of 403,000 tons. There is a giant Wheat Stalk Sculpture at Cecil Newton Park in the main street of the town, which is affectionately known as “Big Ears” by the locals, and emphasises the importance of wheat farming in the area.

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