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The Mt Pleasant Football Club was formed in 1926. It was known as the York Plains Football Club from 1920 to 1926.

The club joined the Oatlands District Football Association in 1953, winning their first premiership in that same year against Tunbridge by 24 points.

Since joining the ODFA, Mount Pleasant has enjoyed a considerable amount of success, currently being the longest continual club participating in the league.

Mount Pleasant Blues

Home Ground
Pawtella Oval, Nala Road, Pawtella

In 1906 the Tasmanian Government enacted the Closer Settlement Act, which enabled government to buy large estates and subdivide them to provide smaller farming blocks which would allow families to become self-sufficient on the land. The first property purchased by the Closer Settlement Board was Mount Pleasant, an 11,780 acre property which had been owned by the O’Connor family since 1836. Mount Pleasant was renamed Pawtella.

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