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The clubs belonging to the Darwin Football Association are from localities close to Burnie and on the West Coast of Tasmania. This includes Queenstown, making this competition the only competition in Australia to play some of its games on a gravel surface.

The current form of the Darwin Football Association (DFA) was created in 1951. The first season featured just 4 clubs – Yeoman, Tewkesbury, APPM and Montacue. In 1952 the numbers increased by three with the inclusion of Somerset, Mooreville and Ridgley. The arrival of Myalla and Yolla in 1953 increased the number again to 8 clubs combined with the departure of Tewkesbury.

In 1955 the number of clubs dropped back to 6 with Montacue and Somerset departing, and then the following season APPM changed their name to South Burnie. In 1959 Mooreville merged with Somerset to form the Cam FC as the competition remained more or less stable.

In 1965 the folding of the Riana Football Association brought Natone and Cuprona to the competition. This brought the competition up to 8 clubs, and has never dropped below that number since. Another period of stability followed with only Cam reverting to Somerset FC in 1973 to create any ripples.

In 1982 the competition expanded to 10 clubs with the inclusion of Sprent and West Ulverstone from the Leven Football Association. In 1994, Queenstown “Crows” – a merger of the Queenstown based clubs from the Western Tasmanian Football Association – joined the competition.

Numbers started to fall in 1996 when Sprent departed for the North Western Football Association, and then the following season South Burnie decided to try their luck in the Northern Tasmanian Football League, but they returned in 1999. In 2002 West Ulverstone followed Sprent to the NWFA, and in 2006 after many years in existence Myalla folded bringing the number of clubs back to eight for the first time since 1981.

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