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The Circular Head Football Association (CHFA) is based in the Circular Head area of north-western Tasmania. The CHFA currently features 4 clubs from small communities in the region and is the second oldest regional competition in Tasmania.

The CHFA was formed in 1900 as the West Wellington Football Association. The formation of the Smithton Football Club in 1918 prompted a reorganisation of football in the region, and the name of the competition was changed to the Circular Head Football Association in 1919. The original clubs in the West Wellington FA were Forest, Irishtown and Stanley and these 3 clubs and Smithton form the CHFA from 1919. During this period Irishtown won 10 premierships in a row, which is a Tasmanian record and the third longest premiership streak across Australia.

In 1951 Scotchtown and Marrawah joined the senior competition but they only lasted two seasons. However as a merged entity they returned in 1962. The followed year Forest and Stanley merged to become the Forest/Stanley Football Club. Scotchtown dropped the “Marrawah” from its name after the 1975 season.

Smithton joined the NWFU in 1980, the departure of Smithton prompted the promotion of Redpa, Trowutta and City from the reserve grade. Trowutta folded after the 1992 season and in 1996 they merged with City to form the Trowutta/City Football Club. The competition has remained more or less stable since then with Trowutta/City going into recess in 2010 for a year and the permanently in 2015.

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The Circular Head Council is a local government area of Tasmania. It covers the far northwest corner of the state mainland. The major centres of the municipality are Smithton, on the north coast; Stanley, east of Smithton; and Marrawah on the west coast. It also includes the geographical formation of The Nut, at Stanley, and some islands just off the north west tip of the State including Robbins Island, Hunter Island and Three Hummock Island.