The Yorke Peninsula Football League (YPFL) is based in the Yorke Peninsula region of South Australia. The league was known as the Yorke Valley Football League until 1996, having previously absorbed the Yorke Peninsula Football Association in 1961, and the Southern Yorke Peninsula Football League in 1994.

Commonly known as the “Leg” upon which South Australia stands, the Yorke Peninsula’s geographical situation has allowed it to become one of South Australia’s premier tourist destinations, as well as being highly regarded for its agriculture and aquacultural industries.

It encompasses the historic mining towns of Moonta, Kadina and Wallaroo (which biennially host the world’s largest Cornish Festival, ‘The Kernewek Lowender’), Innes National Park, and boasts the magnificent coastlines that have become the retreat for many fishing and water sport enthusiasts. The popularity of the Yorke Peninsula in recent years has resulted in a boom in real estate for both holiday dwellings and permanent housing.

Reputed for growing the world’s best malting barley, the Yorke Peninsula’s production of wheat, peas, barley, canola and lentils, along with sheep, cattle and pigs, make it one of the most productive and lucrative agricultural regions in Australia.

Yorke Peninsula Football League

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