Across The Waves Bundaberg Eagles

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The ATW Bundaberg Eagles were formed in 1997 when the North Bundaberg Kangaroos and South Bundaberg/ATW Magpies merged. The Eagles were quick to establish themselves as competition heavyweights by winning 3 premierships in their first 3 seasons.

Throughout their brief existence they have vied for supremacy with Hervey Bay, and it goes without saying that the rivalry between the two clubs is extraordinarily intense.

Across The Waves Bundaberg Eagles

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Home Ground
Frank Coulthard Oval, 22 Clayton Road, ThaBeban, Bundaberg

Bundaberg is a city in Queensland, on the Burnett River, located 385 km north of Brisbane and 15 km inland from the coast. The first Europeans in the area were timbergetters and farmers who arrived in 1867. The city name is thought to be an artificial combination of ‘bunda’, the Kabi Aboriginal word denoting important man, and the German suffix ‘berg’ indicating mountain. The city is colloquially known as “Bundy”.

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