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Formerly known as the Moorebank Sports Australian Football Club, the South West Sydney Magpies are based in the Western Suburbs of Sydney.

The club is South West Sydney’s largest and oldest Australian Rules Football club. The club was originally established as the Liverpool FC in 1947.

We are a diverse club with members from a wide range of backgrounds and we embrace players of any ability and treat everyone equally. We have a strong supportive culture and are dedicated to developing and growing Australian Rules in our region.

South West Sydney Magpies

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Home Ground
Rosedale Park, Stroud Street, Warwick Farm

Moorebank is a suburb of Sydney, located 27 km southwest of Sydney’s CBD. The suburb takes it name from early settler Thomas Moore. Born in Lesbury, Northumberland, he arrived in Australia in 1792 as the ship’s carpenter on the Britannia.