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The Pennant Hills ‘Demons’ Australian Football Club was formed in 1971 and after a short stint in the Sydney Football Association (SFA) which included 2 premierships, moved into the Sydney Australian Football League (Sydney AFL) of which it is now still a member.

Pennant Hills ‘Demons’ play in the oldest traditional strip of the Melbourne Football Club, which is navy blue and red, and we are also known as the ‘Demons’ like our sister-club Melbourne, in the AFL.

The club motto is: ‘Every Heart Beats True’ and at Penno those who have experienced our club culture certainly know that to be a valid motto.

The Club has been one of the most successful clubs in the Sydney AFL, in recent years winning 5 Sydney Championships (awarded to the most successful club in a single season over all three grades).

Pennant Hills has a reputation for producing exceptionally talented young players, including Lenny Hayes (St. Kilda), Mark McVeigh (Essendon) and Adam Chatfield (Carlton).

Pennant Hills Demons

Home Ground
Mike Kenny Oval (Greenway Park), Shepherds Drive, Cherrybrook

Pennant Hills is a suburb in the Northern Suburbs of Sydney, located 25 km north of the Sydney CBD. It is believed that the name comes from a hill where a pennant was flown as a signal during the early days of New South Wales.

1975-76, 2000, 2006