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The Queanbeyan Australian Football Club was founded in 1925, with Wal Mason generally regarded as the prime mover in getting the club established. The team wore red and white jumpers in its debut season.

The club adopted black and gold colours in 1935 after VFL club Richmond donated a set of playing jumpers.

The 1980 season saw the club re-locate from its long time home at Queanbeyan Park Oval to a new facility in south Queanbeyan, the Margaret Donoghoe Sportsground. Despite being the object of a fair amount of ridicule at the outset – Ainslie coach Kevin Neale was wont to refer to it as ‘Mary Poppins Oval’ – the ground has since become the envy of rival Australian football clubs in Canberra. Other important off field developments in the 1980s included the acquisition of a liquor license in 1982 and the opening of licensed premises the following year.

Queanbeyan Tigers

Home Ground
Margaret Donoghoe Oval, 30 Queenbar Road, Queanbeyan

Queanbeyan is a regional centre on the Southern Tablelands in south-eastern NSW. Following the founding of Canberra, just 15 km to the west, Queanbeyan has become an integral part of the capital city’s economy. The word Queanbeyan is the anglicised form of Quinbean – an Aboriginal word meaning “clear waters”.

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