Belconnen Magpies AFL logo
Originally known as the Turner Football Club, the club became known as Belconnen in 1970 and was admitted to the Canberra Australian National Football League in 1971. Wearing a navy blue guernsey with a white monogram, the club was known as the “Bees” from 1971 until 1979, then as the “Blues” following the ANU Blues’ withdrawal from the league during 1979.

Before the 1986 season, the Belconnen club merged with the West Canberra Football Club to become the Belconnen Magpies. The team began to wear the traditional magpie black and white stripes and in 1991 the club moved its headquarters to Kippax. In 1998 the colour teal was added to the existing black and white jumper.

Belconnen Magpies

Home Ground
Kippax Oval, Holt

Belconnen is the most inner suburb of the larger district of Belconnen in Canberra. It contains areas such as Lake Ginninderra, Margaret Timpson Park, Eastern Valley Oval, Diddams Close Park and John Knight Memorial Park.

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