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The Canning Vale Senior Football Club was established and commenced its first inaugural year as a senior amateur football club in 2011.

Our Mission is to manage, serve, and promote the game of AFL Football in the Canning Vale area, at all levels of play; to assist members, teams and volunteers in their various forms of involvement with the game; to adhere to all the Laws of the Game and Club; and to encourage and facilitate the involvement of as many people in the community as possible in the Club’s activities.

Canning Vale Cougars

Home Ground
Clifton Park, Crufts Way, Canning Park

Canning Vale is a large southern suburb of Perth, located 20 km from Perth’s CBD. Canning Vale’s name derives from the Canning River, located about 3 km to the suburb’s northeast. Until the late 1970s Canning Vale was a farming area consisting of mostly market gardens and dairy farms due to its swampy terrain with an unusually high abundance of permanent fresh water. Most of the area which is now residential was zoned rural until 1994. Developers of residential areas have incorporated numerous landscaped lakes into their developments, which serve an important function in draining this swampy area.

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