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South Mandurah Falcons AFL club

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The South Mandurah Falcons compete in the Peel Football League.

The most recent of the Falcons’ four senior grade Peel Football League flags was obtained in 2015 by means of a 13.6 (84) to 10.5 (65) grand final defeat of Waroona.

South Mandurah Falcons


Home Ground
Falcon Reserve, Lynda Street, Falcon

Falcon is a southern suburb of Mandurah, located southwest of Mandurah’s central area on the Indian Ocean. The suburb was named after Falcon Bay. Many of the streets in the adjoining estate were named after yachts and “Falcon” was the name of a yacht, the crew of which won a silver medal by coming second in the Olympic yacht races in Melbourne in 1956.

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