Marcellin Old Boys

Formed in 2017, the Marcellin Old Boys AFC compete in the Friday night QFA Division 5 competition.

In a similar vein to well-known Victorian Amateur Football Association clubs Old Xaverians and Old Trinity Grammarians, the list of players is built around graduates from Marist Catholic Colleges in Brisbane, Noosa and Cairns.

The idea behind ‘Old Boys’ football clubs is about maintaining strong ties between friends that attended the same schools, that would otherwise drift apart over time.

While the club has its own jersey and song, the Marcellin Old Boys is based out of Wilston Grange and maintains heavy ties with the Gorillas.

Marcellin Old Boys

Home Ground
Bendigo Bank Oval, Hickey Park, Babarra Street, Stafford

Stafford is a northern suburb of Brisbane, located 6km northwest of Brisbane’s CBD. Stafford was originally called Happy Valley. It is possible that the name originates from the fact the Sir Thomas Brisbane for whom the city is named was an officer in the Staffordshire Regiment – a Stafford Knot is featured in the city’s coat-of-arms. The Wilston Grange Australian Football Club has played at Hickey Park in Stafford since 1964.