USA Footy

USA Footy

USA Footy logoThe USA is the world’s largest sports market. As Kevin Sheedy, one of the true visionaries of our game has stated:

“The United States would be that excited about Australian football if we ever got it right. If we can gradually get some infrastructure there to build the leftover of a fantastic collegiate system in America that builds probably the greatest athletes in the world but at the end of their collegiate career in regard to their studies, don’t make professional gridiron or professional basketball careers. If we actually found the right group of people to actually promote Australian football in America, it’d be like rock and roll. It’d just take off. Because we have the game.”

Our long-term aim is to develop a presence in each US State, with senior clubs forming the hub of a development wheel. Our School Footy program will focus on reducing childhood obesity.

So if you find yourself in the States and are keen to be involved – whether as player, coach or umpire – we would love to hear from you.

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